We All Are Homosexuals. Want to know your traits of Same Sex Love?

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Homosexuality- YellowHorizonSome call it a disease, some call it a psychological disorder and for some, it is insanity having unnatural sexual choice. And for those who favor it, call the opposing people orthodox and conservative and prize HOMOSEXUALITY as a freedom of expressing their desire, lust and their physical need to the same-gender. The homosexuality is a new trend today. Why trend, because even if it would be existing earlier, people were not comfortable to openly talk about it or accept this fact in front of others. An AIIMS doctor’s suicide is a very fresh example to bake the context of “fear of society”, where a man or woman is forcibly dumped into the marriage upon hearing his or her homosexual instincts or even sometimes the person is unable to express his or her sexual desire to their parents or friends and are forced to live with the opposite sex, choking their life. The fear, despair and suicidal attempts upon the frustrating homosexual tendencies led to the formation of LGBT Community talking about the gay, lesbian and bisexual traits, asking for their liberal sexual rights and the freedom of choosing the partner of any sex. (more…)

Daily Rapes and Sexual Molestations- An Unbeatable Fear Bulging in my Body Every Day

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I with my younger brother was walking across the service lane of District Centre Janakpuri to reach the Parking area, while we were discussing about the growing rape incidences in the capital and the fearless behavior of such callous people around. He was telling how one of his friends’ friend escaped from an attack on the main road of Laxmi Nagar amidst the passersby when an Omni tried to grab her suddenly, she just pushed the man and jerked herself towards the divider. The famous capital is today a place where you never know when you are the victim of this heinous crime while you are talking about it. I suddenly realized, I am actually walking closer to the main road when I pushed myself inside, if in case any such incidence happens. I am fear-stricken today and so do many women in the capital or in other cities are. Can you dare to experience the fear? Ah men! (more…)

Rapists & Monarchists of India Wishing Happy Women’s Day to the Unhappy Women

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While nation celebrated International Women’s Day; yet another incidence of gang rape faint the notion of women empowerment in India when a 21 year old woman was grabbed into a moving car by three youths and raped on Saturday night in Ludhiana, Punjab.  womensday-yellowhorizon

The recent survey reveals: everyday 92 women are raped in India where 4 in Delhi. The rape capital of India, shamefully records 300 rapes and 500 cases of molestation alone in 2015. We mean- 300 rapes in just two months and that too in Delhi!!
This survey clearly indicates the situation of women in India and the dirty mindset chasing every alternate woman, every day. So, even if you are living in a small town, in a remote village somewhere or in a highly developed metro city of India, you are a part of sexual or mental harassment, physical abuses, molestation and violence and the most heinous, rapes and murders in India. (more…)

Working Women & Sexual Abuse: Promoting Hand in Hand in Indian Cities

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“Safety of Working Women in India and Especially in Metros”!!!
What real thoughts come to your mind when you hear this? Well, that’s impossible to predict. I don’t know who is reading this blog right now. I donno what pretty or bizarre thoughts rolling over your mind. But I am sure, by the time I uncover some of the facts & ills of a working woman in India; even in big cities; you would probably forbid her going to office. She may be your “wife”, “daughter”, “sister”; may be “friend” or “fiancée”. But remember!! these pages are not for you if you are reading to stop her steps. I would request you to immediately stop reading this and to please mind your own work. Because when you are reading further, you are actually proceeding to favor “her”- the womania and her steps of promotions to life. women-empowerment-yellowhorizon (more…)

Nine Months’ Ordeal- Much Painful for Delhi Gang Rape Victim, Unlike Gestation

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16 December 2012, the day which has been considered as the “Black Day” of India, created a huge impact on humanity to be continued for many decades. The most devastating moment in Indian society that consequently shook the police, the judiciary system and the political badshahs to make a strong judgment over such a vicious crime.
This was not only a case of gang-rape but was an acute example of the erosion of humanity where the accused (along with five of his mates) who calls himself a juvenile knows very well how to make such a brutal attempt to torture the victim, out of savagery; leaving her alone to finally die helplessly. Being a human, it is very difficult to imagine her pain and this was the reason why she was being christened “braveheart” when she demanded for justice even when she was fighting for her life. After so many protesting and turbulence in Delhi and other parts of India, finally after nine months the accused were charged with multiple crimes including rape, murder, kidnapping and robbing. And with the public demand and tremendous condemnation of national and international responses, all the four cold-blooded murderers were sentenced to death.