A Question of Identity- If I Am a Minor Am I not an Indian and a Human?

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I am an Indian. I may sound weird to some. I may sound emotional, a bit patriotic and of course religious too. When am Indian, I am asked many questions by the society and its people- Am I a Hindu, Muslim, Judaist or a Christian? 

And this is not new to me, coz I am being grown up with such questions, whenever, wherever I go. I may also be asked if I’m a Brahmin, Rajput, Marwaadi, Gujarati, Kashmiri (pundit), a migrant, Shia, Sunni, Ahmedia or Quranist, Jat, Khatri, Mazhabis or Ramdasias.secularisminindia-yellowhorizon

These questions are not new for me as I am practiced to answer my religion, my caste, my Gotra, my ancestors’ history, everything, which has been taught to me, since childhood. I have also been taught about my culture, those ethics or etiquettes that I need to follow, throughout my life. What my biradari is and how should I response or behave to it. (more…)

Rapists & Monarchists of India Wishing Happy Women’s Day to the Unhappy Women

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While nation celebrated International Women’s Day; yet another incidence of gang rape faint the notion of women empowerment in India when a 21 year old woman was grabbed into a moving car by three youths and raped on Saturday night in Ludhiana, Punjab.  womensday-yellowhorizon

The recent survey reveals: everyday 92 women are raped in India where 4 in Delhi. The rape capital of India, shamefully records 300 rapes and 500 cases of molestation alone in 2015. We mean- 300 rapes in just two months and that too in Delhi!!
This survey clearly indicates the situation of women in India and the dirty mindset chasing every alternate woman, every day. So, even if you are living in a small town, in a remote village somewhere or in a highly developed metro city of India, you are a part of sexual or mental harassment, physical abuses, molestation and violence and the most heinous, rapes and murders in India. (more…)

India Republic Day- Real Democratic NaMo Power Ruling & Rallying Nation

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india-republic-day-yellow-horizonHappy Republic Day to all of you. It’s a fresh morning of 26th January, when nation celebrates its 66th Republic Day to recall our Purna Swaraj with a realization of an independent and democratic nation. Since 65 years, it might not be a new episode for the Indians to celebrate this day with full patriotism; but this year, the feeling of being republic and the power of democracy will be felt more clearly. The importance of Indian constituency and the role of Indian political system might be 6 decades old, but today, we are having a refreshed democratic feeling especially after 15 years when a supreme body spreads its entity so high, that it is being noted today by many countries in the same manner like Mahatma Gandhi did 90 years ago through his noble and peaceful thoughts. (more…)

Ram Naam Badnaam (Infamous) – Super Saints of India Perverting the Holy Name “Rama”

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What’s in a name? It was so humorous to learn the name of a film like PK at the very first instance, making people curious to know the film directed by Rajkumar Hirani. A nonsensical title with eye-opening story hit the theatres with good revenues within a week but also became the subject of many controversies and ban on its show at some places for hurting the religious sentiments of people. pk-movie-poster-YH

Of course, what’s in a name but after (watching the film PK and) reading further, you will definitely say; yes, it’s all in a name- the only name that is being directly used or misused by those religious people living inside the demarcation of religion and blind-faith. The name of God, Allah or Messiah is being carried since ages to serve their very own greedy purposes forsaking mankind, misusing religious values and sentiments.

Working Women & Sexual Abuse: Promoting Hand in Hand in Indian Cities

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“Safety of Working Women in India and Especially in Metros”!!!
What real thoughts come to your mind when you hear this? Well, that’s impossible to predict. I don’t know who is reading this blog right now. I donno what pretty or bizarre thoughts rolling over your mind. But I am sure, by the time I uncover some of the facts & ills of a working woman in India; even in big cities; you would probably forbid her going to office. She may be your “wife”, “daughter”, “sister”; may be “friend” or “fiancée”. But remember!! these pages are not for you if you are reading to stop her steps. I would request you to immediately stop reading this and to please mind your own work. Because when you are reading further, you are actually proceeding to favor “her”- the womania and her steps of promotions to life. women-empowerment-yellowhorizon (more…)