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Ram Naam Badnaam (Infamous) – Super Saints of India Perverting the Holy Name “Rama”

What’s in a name? It was so humorous to learn the name of a film like PK at the very first instance, making people curious to know the film directed by Rajkumar Hirani. A nonsensical title with eye-opening story hit the theatres with good revenues within a week but also became the subject of many controversies and ban on its show at some places for hurting the religious sentiments of people. pk-movie-poster-YH

Of course, what’s in a name but after (watching the film PK and) reading further, you will definitely say; yes, it’s all in a name- the only name that is being directly used or misused by those religious people living inside the demarcation of religion and blind-faith. The name of God, Allah or Messiah is being carried since ages to serve their very own greedy purposes forsaking mankind, misusing religious values and sentiments.

If you remember, my last post on communal riots agitated a good amount of controversy among some intelligent readers and I had to answer their genuine but still unnecessary questions on social media pages; coz it was a matter of their religion, their belief, mis-belief (whatever conceded by no one).

Well, the only repose you get when you talk on religion- “We should not talk or comment on religious bulls, those beliefs, blind-faiths and mis-beliefs that we often find around us”. The only thing we are asked to do is- “If you don’t believe, make your own way but don’t interfere among the God and his believers”. The lord of the Gods- the pundits, prophets and godmen call themselves as the Messenger of God and guarantee for a curse free, pain-free and a happy-healthy life. Millions of people are blindly devoting their time, money and faith behind such lavish gurus and babas claiming to improve their lives. And if you don’t believe in their beliefs, they are ready to make you their enemy and even threat you for God’s curse.

Even people around ask me to avoid such topics to discuss on. But then, their good deeds and misdeeds, sometime even blunder turning into crimes, often take me to ask why are you polluting the names of Gods like Rama, Shiva and Rahim?

So, whether its Baba Ramdev, Asaram Bapu, Sant Rampal or Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim; the name of Lord Rama is often being drastically used or misused by these deceptive babas and yogis. Here are some of the names who have defamed the image of Lord Rama and other gods by misusing the names and images as well:-

Swami Ramdevbaba-ramdev-protesting-at-jantar-mantar

Well starting from the most noted Saint- Yog-guru Swami Ramdev who spread the most sacred mission of the importance of Yoga and Ayurveda in our life for holistic therapies. Large numbers of people are today using the Patanajli products being manufactured under the trusts- Divya Yog and Patanjali Yogpeeth. But then, Swami Ramdev is better known as the controversial Guru. Sometimes can be found protesting for Jan Lokpal Bill, hoodwinking the police, wearing salwar kameez; sometimes being questioned for political campaigns, joining politics or making controversial remarks on different topics; Ramdev grabs the attention of the public with every Breaking News in the nation. And I wonder how they manage to collect so much of fund and money to bring such a grand and well-maintained Patanjali Yogpeeth Institute in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and then talks about the black money and their beholders.

Sant Rampal

Courtesy- The Indian Express


Last month, the area of Hisar has observed a massive violence, wreckage and protest to prevent the police arresting the estranged kabir Panth leader- Sant Rampal. Again, defaming the name of Lord Rama, this self-styled godman is accused of murder and attempt to murder and even jailed for 22 months, has skipped the court hearing 42 times and the foolish followers were ready to save him from the police at the risk of thousands of hostages captured under the premise who came to attend the preach, including women and children.

Asaram Bapu asaram_bapu_scandal-yellow-horizon

No one can forget the most melodramatic and funny scenes and twists in tales created by Asaram Bapu last year in August. Being accused of sexual assault and rape of several female followers and patients in his ashram, Asaram ruined his saintly image with continuous unfolding of his crimes during his lordship in his ashram followed by his non-bailable arrest in Jodhpur. His son Narayan Sai too was the best assistant of his crimes and was involved in many sexual crimes and assault cases, again a curse on the name-Narayan, Lord Vishnu.

Ashutosh Maharajashutosh-maharaj-yellow-horizon

You name him Ashutosh Ji Maharaj or Mahesh Kumar Jha; both the names synonymize Lord Shiva. Ashutosh means a person not affected by any form of calamities and so, quite satirically, his natural death has been converted into a state of deep meditation. Followers are denying the fact of his death, even refusing to give his body to his relatives and the body has been kept for deep freeze preservation since January 2014. And then if we ask that a live body don’t need any kinds of preservation and a transcendental Samadhi must be equivocal to those saints of primitive era who spent thousand years on mountains for deep meditation; will those wilful successors or followers free the frozen baba’s soul by cremating his body? Waiting for 9th February hearing to hear the final judgement.

Dera Chief Ram Rahim MSG-Messenger-of-God-Gurmeet-ram-rahim-2014

Can you imagine a saint portrayed in a gaudy costume fighting with the villains and becoming a hero for the public? This is the magic of India and its religious beliefs where a rape and murder accused becomes a hero for thousands of bhakts and the foolish public is ready to praise his new Avatar as Messenger of God, clinching fists, fighting with the villains, singing, dancing and playing jingles in the name of God. The Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is today the talk of the town for his new role as a superhero and a Messenger of God in a rockstar manner. Yet another controversial figure of saints, the Dera Chief is always indulged in any kinds of publicity and this time his entry in Bollywood as lead role has once again raised the question- what is the real roop (form) of these God-men?

MSG-Poster-YHEven the God is answer-less today when He sees the different Avatars of Rama in Kalyuga and must be asking to Himself: “Have I made these people”? There are more in the list of these God-gurus who are always in the hit list of controversies and allegations. To name a few saints like Swami Nithyanand, Swami Agnivesh, Osho Rajneesh, Chandraswami and more like them are much confident to commit crimes as their ‘foolish followers’ are always there to save them from law and the police.

So even if they are Ram, Rahim, Narayan, Shiv, Vishnu or whatever, they are the most ambidextrous characters portraying the roles of God and their ambassador, making a good fool of the public. The Super Saints of India are more than superheroes, misusing the power and position. And that’s the game of the name-“Rama”.

What next do you think about PK– the character and the movie? While watching, the strange name of this film will suddenly make you realize that people protesting or speaking against the religions in India are always considered as foolish and tipsy. May be, after reading this blog, I will also be asked by someone- “pee kay hai ke?”

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