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Rapists & Monarchists of India Wishing Happy Women’s Day to the Unhappy Women

While nation celebrated International Women’s Day; yet another incidence of gang rape faint the notion of women empowerment in India when a 21 year old woman was grabbed into a moving car by three youths and raped on Saturday night in Ludhiana, Punjab.  womensday-yellowhorizon

The recent survey reveals: everyday 92 women are raped in India where 4 in Delhi. The rape capital of India, shamefully records 300 rapes and 500 cases of molestation alone in 2015. We mean- 300 rapes in just two months and that too in Delhi!!
This survey clearly indicates the situation of women in India and the dirty mindset chasing every alternate woman, every day. So, even if you are living in a small town, in a remote village somewhere or in a highly developed metro city of India, you are a part of sexual or mental harassment, physical abuses, molestation and violence and the most heinous, rapes and murders in India.

rape-statistics-in-india-yellow-horizonWhat should we think about the clear mindset of people about the rape and about the body of a woman? The female body is mere an object for their pleasure which is ruined for self-gratification and then the life is thrown away somewhere, after using the body. The crime does not end here and is being polished well by the satanic comments of blaming the girl herself of losing her modesty; sometimes by the offender, sometimes by any defence lawyer and sometimes, most disgustingly, by our dirty politicians.

It is “you”, “the man”, who thinks-

  • A woman who spends late nights with a man before marriage is a crime, so what if it is her consent.
  • Woman should remain at home and should care for her family and kids and should not be allowed to go outside.
  • A woman who smokes or drinks is disgraced and should not be respected anywhere, at home or at workplace.
  • A woman wearing erectile cloths in public is responsible for getting raped and should always save herself from getting into the eyes of someone.
  • The woman should not fight back, even if she is facing injustice and should remain silent.
  • The woman should always obey the male, even if he is wrong.

A recent interview of one of the rapists of Delhi Gang Rape, Mukesh Singh simply shook the nation followed by the rustic statements made by the defense lawyers A.P. Singh and M.L. Sharma.Mukesh-Singh_Yellow_Horizon

When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape.  A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. Boy and girl are not equal.” – Rapist Mukesh Singh

I would have set aflame my own daughter, if she found disgracing herself by having contact with men.”- A.P. Singh

“We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no space for a woman.”- M.L. Sharma

All the statements were triggered in an interview being taken by a documentary film-maker Leslee Udwin for India’s Daughter. The Government is more active to ban the film to save the nation’s image from getting tainted. If 50% of this energy would have spent on a strict rule against rapes and murders and a quick decision of proceeding the capital punishment to the rapists of Jyoti Singh.M L Sharma This is the freedom of their mentality that Delhi Gang Rape Case became a motivation for other rape incidences including majorly:

  1. Badaun Gang Rape and Murder of two teenage girls in Uttar Pradesh on 27th May 2014 with their bodies to be found hanging from a tree in the village outskirts.
  2. Uber Cab rape case in Delhi on 5th December 2014, when a 27 year old woman was raped by radio cab driver in North Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla.
  3. Rohtak Gang Rape Case which is the most devastating and horrific sex crime in India where a mentally challenged girl was being allegedly raped by eight drunken men on Feb 2015 and her decomposed and half-eaten body was found dumped in a field near Rohtak-Hisar highway.

These heinous and brutal cases are the result of such mentality that believes in over-powering women, at home and even outside. Around 70% of Indian male suffers from such mindset to subjugate woman. She might be his daughter, wife, sister, a female friend or girl-friend, his junior and even his employee.  The rape and violence are the results of such attitudes of ruling and winning over the woman and when they fail to do so. Such overpowering attitudes are turning them to commit crime against women in every 3 minutes in India.

There are many cases of honor killings in India which are the result of such male dominating thinking in the society. Cases like Nitish Katara Murder, (25 years) in 2002 and Arushi Talwar Double Murder Mystery (14 years) in 2008 became a persistent episode in everyone’s mind. Nobody can forget the killing of Jessica Lal, a celebrity bar maid in 1999 when she refused to give drink to a wealthy congress nominated MP from Haryana. So, even a highly proclaimed society is not left unturned of such vicious mentality, forcing also the high class, educated women to sometimes falling trap into “their” savage acts.

The chapters of such rapes and murders will never come to an end and many more hidden stories might have remained buried into closed vicinity where the woman is still suffering somewhere inside a home in the name of marital rape and domestic violence, dirty politics in a working place and also facing the fumbling acts in public.rape_mob_dimapur-yellow-horizon  The recent outrage in Dimapur on March 5 this year is the outburst of the alleged statement made by the rapist of Delhi Gang Rape under the event of which the rape accused was kidnapped from the jail, striped and dragged four miles and was beaten to death. The fear of getting killed by the mob outrageously may bring some halt to such repeated brutality in the nation.

Even the women should be attentive enough to fight for her rights and should not suffer any illegal acts and crimes around her; but equally, should not misuse her rights too by blaming any innocent.  

Under such circumstances and scenario, the concept of celebrating Women’s Day is nothing but following an abiding custom. Do you- the man need to think about your thinking? Start Thinking.

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