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We All Are Homosexuals. Want to know your traits of Same Sex Love?

Homosexuality- YellowHorizonSome call it a disease, some call it a psychological disorder and for some, it is insanity having unnatural sexual choice. And for those who favor it, call the opposing people orthodox and conservative and prize HOMOSEXUALITY as a freedom of expressing their desire, lust and their physical need to the same-gender. The homosexuality is a new trend today. Why trend, because even if it would be existing earlier, people were not comfortable to openly talk about it or accept this fact in front of others. An AIIMS doctor’s suicide is a very fresh example to bake the context of “fear of society”, where a man or woman is forcibly dumped into the marriage upon hearing his or her homosexual instincts or even sometimes the person is unable to express his or her sexual desire to their parents or friends and are forced to live with the opposite sex, choking their life. The fear, despair and suicidal attempts upon the frustrating homosexual tendencies led to the formation of LGBT Community talking about the gay, lesbian and bisexual traits, asking for their liberal sexual rights and the freedom of choosing the partner of any sex.

In lieu, the recent judgment of the US legalizing same sex marriages, U-turned the issue of LGBT rights by celebrating pride of being the 23rd nation to allow homosexuality; again caused despair among some of the communities and people across the world, including India. Believe it or not, talking about sex, whether the same sex or opposite is the spiciest subject for all; but still wants to make it a secret event to discuss, causing much havoc in the society. Ismat Chughtai’s “Lihaf” (The Quilt) is yet another example of homosexual desires in the colonial India but was an objected issue, so later the “Lihaf’ was charged in the court. Unfortunately, talking about homosexuality, masturbation, repression, Oedipus complex and female hysteria are still the objected issues in our society or are always kept inside the quilt under the objectionable condition.
But how many of you know the fact about Homosexuality and what exactly homosexuality mean to you? Colloquially, it’s an attraction towards the same sex but basically Homosexuality is all about loving oneself. Loving the person with the same sex directly means- you are loving yourself and if this fact is being accepted, everyone is Homosexual by nature and loving oneself definitely is not a crime.
Some of the facts and incidences mentioned here may shed some light on it:
Believe it or not, but everyone in this universe may have felt attracted towards the same gender at one part of their life. This instinct is completely natural like the attraction towards the opposite sex is. But mostly people fail to realize this fact, even if they realize, they won’t accept it. Mostly all the human beings are bisexual, where they find the same inflicts and inclination towards both the genders but the attraction towards the opposite sex is much over-powering, making them unable to distinguish their homosexual instinct which arises periodically. Once the person is able to realize this fact or if the desire towards the same sex is prevailing, they tend to accept their homosexuality.
Many of you might have loved the fragrance of the same gender standing beside you or just crossing you. You might be observing her figure, his physical appearance, his body if he is muscular, his/her dressing style and love to watch her body parts too. In women such reactions are too common. Like men, even women love to see the attractive figure of a female, when they come across. Watching their breasts, curves, waist and the pelvic areas is completely alike men. They won’t realize it and sometimes, people conceive this trait as jealousy or hatred but this is actually a natural attraction towards that person.
Many of you must be amazed to see your favorite actor. I am talking about the men, who are Hritik or Salman ka fan and love to see them bare body. Remember, the craze for the song “O O Jane Jana” and “Ek Pal Ka Jeena”? I am sure many of you still remember the love for these 90s songs, followed by the muscular movements of the respective heroes that inspired many youngsters to hit the gym in a wish to transform themselves into a 6 pack body frame. Well, naturally they were /are the inspiration but this is basically an attraction towards the shaped up body not only for women but for men too.
Being a man, if you are skinny, you feel secured in the companion of a muscular and chiseled male and a woman loves to touch a soft and smooth skin of the other woman; sometimes try to touch her waist or breast too. She feels secured and safe when she is with a manly or bold girl and is a plus point for her if she is with any tomboy. Even the parents are secured to find that their child is safe with her/his similar sex friend. But the other face of the story is these are the homosexual traits, existing in every human. Such psychological hidden traits are commonly available in everyone like Oedipus and Electra Complexes are; where a son is more attracted to his mother and a daughter to her father. Not to be termed as a mental disorder but is a psychoanalytical characteristic of human beings which is somewhere being called as a Love for the Humanity (or Human Beings).
If bromance and sisterly love have been popularized in Bollywood and many gay or bisexual celebrities are openly discussing about their “Dostana” or “Unfreedom”, there is no harm in accepting the fact of Homosexuality in India, where even history or the mythological stories explain the trans-gender or bisexual love among the Gods like Krishna and Shiva.

Fear of Accepting Homosexuality within You!!!
Sometimes you are unable to realize this fact, sometimes even if you realize, you cannot express it. The fear of the society and the fear of becoming the subject of mockery among your friends may sometimes make you feel disheartened or sexually frustrated too. This further leads you to commit various crimes like suicides, failure in relationships, break-ups, despair and even rapes too. The same dominating homosexual tendencies may sometimes force you to compel others to either submit himself/ herself before you or become your victim of sexual assaults and rape, at any age.
To cope up with such sexual discrimination, transparency in a relationship is must. Whether you are with a guy or a girl, you must understand each other’s choices and priorities and should respect each other’s decision. A homosexual person must understand his/ her choice to whom he/she is in love and should discuss about your feelings towards your love interest.
The sole aim of freedom of homosexuality must be the freedom to express your choice not forcibly but emotionally and sensibly. The homosexual traits must be mutual and should not create nuisances in the society, discomforting others. Rather waiting for this “term” getting legalized socially, we need to think sensibly about the emotions of others and should respect it and not make fun of them because we all are homosexuals, sometimes emotionally, casually, unknowingly and even sexually.

2 thoughts on “We All Are Homosexuals. Want to know your traits of Same Sex Love?

  1. It is interesting to go through the piece as it has ventured into the subject with a deep amount of self-involvement. Looking from the window of one’s own experience, has given the piece a very close appeal and convincing trait. Wish the writer to go into more depth of her own experience and draw her own journey into this twilight zone. Of course, in a subtle tale about intricacies. I want her to write more on the subject. It’s her zone. I am convinced.

    1. Thanks for this impressive and encouraging comment Mr Shuddho Banerjee. I will try my best to explore the ambiguous nature of sexuality, especially among the bisexuals who are often blamed of their perverted attitude towards sex.

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